Monday, June 22, 2009

Ecstatic Pregnancy

I've had a great month of repose and reflection. As I write this, the dear little baby inside me now makes known that from here on out, space will be at a premium- if I don't sit up straight this baby is stretching into my ribs and taking my breath away!

Last week, I had a good listen to baby with the fetal stethoscope. Not for reassurance, mind you: my growing belly and the acrobat within help me to say with confidence that this baby is healthy and strong. I listened for pleasure, and for fun. The sound of a baby's heartbeat through an ultrasound Doppler machine is nothing like hearing it through a fetal stethoscope. When I listen to the heartbeat through the stethoscope I hear ancient drumming, not a swishing, electronic sound. Our baby is big enough now that my partner, Joe, could hear it loud and clear, a nice occasion for this wonderful daddy.

I have yet to undergo any routine prenatal testing, and I find that I feel stronger and healthier than either of my other two pregnancies. Keep in mind that I had an excellent doctor with my first pregnancy and a midwife with the second; what they didn't provide me with was a wholehearted trust in birth, so I had to provide it for them and everyone else involved in those two births. How tiring!! This time around, I am surrounded by people who trust the process, who trust my body, and who trust me and my intuition. I receive respect, even from those who fear my choices, and I don't have to waste my energy trying to convince them of the deep-seated truths I hold inside.

This pregnancy has been a sweet, wonderful process. I feel blessed and loved, and isn't that what it's supposed to be all about?