Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doing Less

What a concept! I got an update from a fellow Twitterer that blogger Magpie Girl is officially starting a "Do Less" campaign tomorrow....Goddess bless her!!

I am definitely on board, although I must admit to indulging in relaxation and long periods of doing less on a regular basis. I find I've even increased my practice of these time-honoured techniques since finding a man who appreciates them, and finding out I am pregnant with baby #3.

I think we all can gain something by sleeping more, eating better, working less, spending less, and so on. Taking care of ourselves is always a great idea because it actually increases the energy we have available for our friends, family and the world.

So here's to doing less! Thanks Magpie Girl for focusing on such a worthy cause (seriously)!

Yours in rest,

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