Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birth in BINSI® Style! Mother's Day Giveaway!

When most people think of a hospital birth, they have images of pregnant women in hospital gowns. Unfortunately, hospital gowns were designed for use on bedridden patients. They are not made for mobility, and they leave your entire backside exposed. After using a gown for my first birth I was sure that I wanted to wear my own clothing for my second birth. I also encourage my doula clients to do the same, but we've encountered a problem: modern clothing is not designed for birth. In order to listen to your baby, a nightgown or tshirt needs to be hiked up, exposing your entire bottom half. Underwear, shorts and pj pants can feel restrictive and messy. Moms are often reluctant to "bare it all" in a hospital setting with lots of staff and bright lights, and we know that in order to have a satisfying birth, moms need to feel relaxed. So what's a gal to do?

For the longest time I didn't have a great answer, and then I found BINSI! The first time I saw the BINSI skirt and tank, I fell in love. BINSI® was designed by mother and doula Carri Grimditch who, like me, hated the hospital gown she wore during her first birth.

BINSI skirts provide complete freedom of movement and sit below your belly. They include beads so that you can personalize them during a blessingway or baby shower. During birth, these can be a great visual reminder of supportive wishes from your friends and family.

BINSI tops have breastfeeding clasps and are designed to be used with medical equipment if needed, including monitoring equipment, IVs, epidurals and more. They can be removed easily if needed due to snaps along the sides of the tops.

Besides being breathable and perfectly suited for a growing pregnant body, BINSI wear is machine washable, an absolute must with birth gear. To me, it's the perfect prenatal and birth clothing that helps you feel pretty and covered on your very special day.

I've been recommending BINSI to my clients for over a year now, and although my upcoming birth will be at home, I am seriously considering picking out my own BINSI tank and skirt to wear during those last pregnant weeks (which will be in sweltering August) and to keep in my "just in case" hospital birth bag. The comfy GoGo top might be a great thing to wear in my birth pool too.

Now you have a chance to try BINSI, for free!! Kim Taylor, co-owner of BINSI®, is offering Ecstatic Goddess readers a chance to win their choice of either an in stock top or skirt. What a great Mother's Day gift for yourself or an expectant friend. To enter the draw, simply email me at One winner will be chosen on May 6, 2009. In the meantime, please visit to check out a great selection of lovely birth wear. My fellow Canadians can purchase BINSI at

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  1. binsi's are great. I used them in my birth and my midwife loved it too.

  2. Glad to hear you liked them so much. I'm convinced I want a set for my August birth :)

  3. Thanks again for the giveaway. Crossing my fingers and hoping I win for my July birth! :)

  4. Great Jen, I'll let you know once we draw. Good luck!