Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring....where are you?

Three days ago the kids and I were washing off bikes and running around outside. A spring jacket was all you needed. There was hardly any snow to be found, and some of the grass was taking on a green hue.

Two days ago Emily and I walked to the grocery store together. She found buds on the rosebushes in front of the hotel. We had an Easter party, and I had six amazing kids playing together, eating together, and drawing chalk pictures on the driveway.

Yesterday we enjoyed a lazy day indoors while it snowed outside. Emily happily put her new bike accessories on her bike and then felt too cold to ride it. Zach is fighting another cold. But we had a big family dinner and a good day nonetheless. The snow had melted before bedtime.

This morning there is more snow!!!!! The ground is white. It's the kind of pretty looking snow that sticks to the trees and gets me excited....when it's in December. I am really ready for warmth and green. While I think I live in one of the best places in the world, really, six months of snow and cold is ENOUGH!!!

I think we'll bake cookies today while I dream of spring. If you have any warm weather to send me, I would love to have it. I'm hoping you've all had a nice little Easter weekend.

Praying for sun,

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